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About 'The Hills'

Surrey Hills Cricket Club was formed in 1889 and played its first games on the corner of Broughton Road and Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. Some of the early players to play with the club were Collins, Smith, Bolton, Dunn and Staines. The club moved its ground to its present position on the corner of Elgar and Canterbury Roads Box Hill in 1905...


Club Legend

Charlie "The Ale" Simms
Key People

The President

Malcolm "Elon" Campbell

The Secratary

Barry "Baz"

What came first, the cricket club or Charlie Simms? An age old question we will never know the answer to.

All we know is that Charlie has given his life to supporting this club. We love him so much, we named a beer after him. Find a 'Charlie Simms Ale' behind the bar this summer.

What do Elon Musk and Malcolm Campbell have in common? Both drive Tesla's, both pull strings to make things happen, both struggling cricketers (actually, maybe Elon can play).

What Malcolm lacks in ability, he makes up for in passion for the club and savvy decisions that help drive us forward. 

Pro tip: If he asks you to play winter cricket, check the weather first!

There isn't a role 'Baz' hasn't performed at the Club. He has been the go-to man for anything and everything regarding Surrey for years.


Currently, he is the secretary, runs the Woolworth Blast, avid supporter and could even pop up in your team should you be in need of a wicket keeper! 

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Surrey Park

Surrey Park, Cnr of Elgar Rd and Canterbury Rd.

Training every Tuesday and Thursday at 5.30pm (October-February)